About Us

The Trade Asia Group provides an integrated chemical procurement service to consumers worldwide with our global distribution network spanning Asia Pacific, the Middle East, the Americas and the European Union.

Established in 2002, we are a global trading firm dealing with chemical commodities providing our consumers and partners alike with extended supply chain management service, product sourcing, price negotiation as well as quality control. The Trade Asia group is headquartered in Singapore which provides for a solid financial hub as well as excellent connectivity to the emerging regional markets. Our locally staffed offices in China, India and Indonesia provides for a streamlined procurement service and with plans to open more local offices around Asia Pacific, your procurement needs with us will be further eased.


At Tradeasia, we do business keeping global customers in mind. We have global supplier network which provides us knowledge about global market that helps us to provide our clients trusted, transparent and effective services.

Tradeasia works extensively towards continuous improvement of our product quality and to meet our customers changing requirements. We devote ourselves in broadening the range of products focusing on its technical prospect.

Tradeasia believes in quality services, and we mean it. Our foremost priority is to provide high quality chemical trading services, we ensure that our chemical products conform to international quality standards. Our competitive advantages lies in our smooth responsive contract fulfilment process which is innovative, enjoyable and mutually beneficial.

At Tradeasia we strongly believe that to be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved. We have been successful in building trust with our customers over the years, we ensure that all our consignments are delivered to our customers with an ease.

Tradeasia has gained extensive experience in providing high-quality chemical trading services to our clients. Our employees are experienced experts understanding the needs and expectations of our clients.

Tradeasia, has always given strong focus on building effective, powerfully built and long term partnerships with suppliers, which enable us to deliver a wide variety of products. This attitude give us a leading edge in the global market.


To be the most sought-after supply chain partner globally and provide the best chemical procurement solutions


To give superior products and services to our customers and suppliers with a sense of integrity. Relationship and trust are the pillars of our development.


Customised supply chain solutions

Automation of Sales Process

Easy reach ability through various online technology and cloud platform

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